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An awesome counter application.

  • Amazing Design & Usability
  • Very Easy to Customize and Setup
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Utility Tool App

Keep the count value. Define a max value to achieve.

Easy to Customize

Easily customize the appearance and input interface to suit your needs.

Unlimited Colors

Easily change the background color.

Easy to use

Built with a realistic look, to make it intuitive.

Sound effects

Speak the count value in your language and other amazing sound effects.

With no Boundaries

Manage a unlimited list of counts in the same page.

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Over a million downloads and customer satisfaction are the incentive to continue improving the trust of our users.

Very functional & simple to use. Features & the useful Chronograph are great.

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Hemanth Reddy


I didn't have a manual counter. I was forced to go onto the Internet and try to find a application that would be able to work for me and my needs and wants. I found it. Is right here.

Face 2


Very nice, helpful and simple tool. Download it. Thank you developer. Five star is not enough..

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Ralph Jordan


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